About Us

We are website redesign specialists; and we get a kick out of building cool websites and trying to make us and our clients happy (and a few dollars or pounds) by getting their sites the rankings they deserve.

We are always conducting research and testing our theories into what makes a great website and what makes a not so great website.

We therefore thought it might be fun to build a site which demonstrated nearly all that you could get wrong or do badly when it comes to website redesign.

OK, we haven’t done everything really poorly; after all you are still able to read this website aren’t you? We’ve also not littered it with spelling errors as that would be too easy to do and would just irritate everyone.

But we have resisted our urge to write snappy keyword friendly page titles, URLs and so forth. This normally comes so naturally to us that not doing it has proved to be difficult.

We plan to use this research and the responses from anyone who finds the site to help improve the website design, usability and search engine effectiveness advice we share with our clients.

Our friends and clients are website owners, small business owners and serial bloggers and we all share a common interest and passion for making great websites and building our businesses and reputations online.

We hope that we can continue to provide impartial advice about the most cost efficient and effective way to manage your website and online marking promotion efforts.

Someone famous in an equally famous movie once said, “Sometimes you’ve got to be bad to be good!”

We cannot remember who it was, but if you do and you email us, then we’ll send you a mystery prize worth a few bob!